Frequently Asket Questions
Q. Do I need to have an account to book cabs?
On your first booking, an account will be made automatically with your contact details and information.
Q. When am I notified about the booking confirmation and cab details?
As soon as you book a cab, the details will be sent to you immediately. The cab details are sent to you 2 hours prior to travel time.
Q. What is the amount to be paid in advance?
The amount will be calculated based on the use and approximate round trip distance calculated by Google API. However, this may not be the final charge, as it does not include additional kilometers travelled.
Q. What is included in the fixed daily cost?
The fixed cost includes car and chauffeur charges, including the inter-state taxes. The toll and parking fee will be paid by the guest and will not be included in the invoice.
Q. What are the online payment options?
We accept all types of credit cards - Visa, Mastercard and Amex. We also accept all debit cards and have net banking options.
Q. Who do I contact in case of a query or problem?
Please call our helpdesk executives for any query or problem. They are ever ready to help you and will be at your assistance throughout the process.
Do I need to return with a full tank of gas?
The vehicle will be given to you with a full tank. It would be returned with a full tank or extra fuel charges will be levied.
You can choose to a) Bring Back Full b) Fuel Up Front c) Pay on Return
Q. How much extra will I be charged if I return the car late?
An extra 4 hours of grace time will be allotted after the time of delivery. However, after 4 hours you would be charged for an extra day on the car.
Q. What if the car develops a mechanical problem?
Please call our helpdesk and we would do everything to help you out of the situation by replacing the car and providing you with an alternate care.
Q. What are the terms of my rental agreement?
Please refer to to go through the terms of the rental agreement.
Q. Can I rent a car without a credit card?
No, you need to have a credit card before you book a car for self-drive because a holding deposit will be put on my credit card as a security deposit collected by the rental and will be transferred back after you return the car.
Q. Do they offer any special discounts for any memberships?
Yes, there are special promo codes for regular members and can be availed for discounts.